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  • GMRS Mic cable routed under the dash
  • Mic fits perfectly
  • RAM arm with the Tackform CB Mic Mount
  • Archetype Racing SLAP / BPM + BALLS mounted

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Last night @kbroox and I had courtside seats to a basketball game where the score was 157-156, with 2 buzzer beaters in the last 3 seconds to flip the game back and forth. It was a very fun game.

Financial advisor just said that Kari and I have a 90% probability of retiring by 55 and continuing to live our current lifestyle… but that didn’t include any Ferraris. So I apparently need to make some changes.

“You think you the shit? You not even the fart” - ice spice 🥰

Just won our broomball game. With no subs. Whew. I accidentally took their best player out a couple times. They did not like that.

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2023 was expensive, but fun

2023 was a strange year. It felt gluttonous and hard to catch up, but it was always gonna be tough to follow the year of free boi summer.

We had lots of good stateside travel, a couple annoying financial issues, and I accidentally bought a Bronco.

We hosted fewer events and I made a conscious decision to only hang with folks who also invite us to things. This turned into spending time with new sets of great people but also seeing old buddies less than I'd hoped.


We didn't get to leave the country, but did take lots of road trips and I got to see 20 states.